Cyber Security Services

Cyphore provide end to end cyber security services including, but not limited to, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Source Code Analysis, and Compliance Management for International certificates such as ISO 27001, GDPR, or KVKK. Our team is comprised of internationally certified and experienced professionals.

Vulnerability assessment procedures are held based on up-to-date vulnerabilities published recently. We scan almost 50000 vulnerabilities for each end node, host and device.

As for the penetration tests, we perform at least 440 types of tests. Although many pen-testers believe it is adequate once they have exploited a system using one technique and stop testing. Such behavior, however,  would mislead the security professionals in the company under test. Since Information Security professionals typically tend to address only what has been reported. Our proficient and certified team members conduct a comprehensive approach during tests. They never stop searching other techniques to penetrate into the target system. You can fill out Penetration Testing Request Form to receive a price quotation.


Penetration Testing Request

  • Local Tests On Site
  • External Black Box Tests
  • Web Application Black Box Tests
  • Web Application Gray Box Tests
  • Source Code Analysis White Box Tests
  • Mobile Application Tests
  • Wireless Tests
  • Social Engineering Tests