Cyphore, as a cyber security and forensics initiative, provide services on top of three pillars; cyber security, digital forensics and incident response. Cyphore’s security services differ from traditional cyber security services in industry especially in a specific aspect, that is, our experts have solid digital forensics and investigation experience on real cyber attack cases.

In order to get details on our cyber security services please visit our Cyber Security Services page. You can even get a fast price quotation through the scope form on the page.

Our digital forensics services include services on several medium such as operating systems, file systems, network or mobile platforms. For details please visit our Digital Forensics Services page.

Based on both cyber security and digital forensics expertise Cyphore deliver timely services in order to respond cyber incidents targeting your system. While preserving digital evidence we also harden all endpoints from lower layers to upper layers in your network. You can visit our Incident Response Services page for more details.